Winter Rental Property Maintenance Is Needed Even In Phoenix

A Few Handy Tips

Is winter maintenance need for rental properties in Phoenix? Well yes, winter rental property maintenance is needed even in Phoenix. Even though it rarely snows, some property maintenance is required to prepare for winter. Due to the occasional freezing temperatures, homeowners face a time where it is critical to take certain steps to make sure everything remains in working condition. Many of the most important maintenance tasks for rental properties are mentioned here.

Checking the pipes

Since pipes are often external fixtures of a house, they may not tolerate the impact of winter. This is why frozen or cracked pipes are often a problem during the winter months. In order to prevent your pipes from freezing, there are a few things you can do. When your faucets won’t be used for a while, especially at night, you can leave them dripping. This way, the water continues moving making it less likely that it will freeze. You can also get your pipes insulated. There is special insulation available to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking in winter.

Check the insulation

Making sure you have a well insulated home is another thing you must check off of your list of winter maintenance duties for your Phoenix rental properties. This will ensure that extra energy is not wasted on heating your home. You must make sure there are no cracks or spaces where cold air can enter or warmth can escape.

Winter rental property maintenance

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Take care of chimneys

A chimney that never gets cleaned is an invitation for a house fire which can cause permanent property damage. Since chimneys are often in use in winter, it is important to prepare and monitor them before the cold sets in. There are professionals who offer chimney cleaning services in Phoenix.

Prevent icy parking spaces

There have been many accidents in winter due to icy roads. You may be able to prevent such a tragedy on your property by salting the driving areas at night and early in the morning.

If all of this seems overwhelming, you can contact a leading property management company in Phoenix, Az. They can take care of all of your maintenance-related issues and prepare your property for the winter. When a rental property is well maintained during the winter, there is less chance that the owner or tenants will have extra bills to pay. In addition, it ensures everyone’s well being and gives you peace of mind.