Professional Property Management in Phoenix – A Smart Move For Investors

With today’s low interest rates and even lower vacancy rates, many investors have concluded that there may never be a better time to profit from investing in real estate. Yet investing in real estate, or any other physical financial asset, is not the same trading stocks. Real estate is a tangible asset, and that means that a certain amount of timely care and feeding is required in order for it to yield a proper ROI.

Of course the Phoenix market has been showing signs of tremendous health and has witnessed a nice 8.6% rise in value over the past year, according to Zillow. With all signs trending upwards and flat returns on stocks and bonds, the only thing standing in the way for most people is the fact that they are not prepared or able to handle the myriad of maintenance and upkeep tasks that come as an undeniable part of real estate ownership.

This is where the advantages of hiring a property management company come into focus. Any investor can profitably manage their real estate portfolio if they are backed by a team of professionals who know how to structure payments to achieve the greatest tax advantages, how to find qualified renters and what to charge them, and how to attract the right kind of talented and honest tradesmen who know how to keep a property in peak condition at a reasonable rate.

With that sort of dedicated assistance on your side, managing real estate suddenly gets a lot easier than it is when trying to do it all on your own. Nor should it be forgotten that professional management generally pays for itself. This is especially true when the smart investor is looking forward to both the anticipated 3.9% rise in Phoenix area property values plus the monthly tranche of money that comes in the form of rental payments.

Just as you would hire a lawyer or a competent doctor when the need for their specialized knowledge becomes imperative, so too can a pro-active property management company make your finances run a lot smoother.

Here at RPM Phoenix Metro, we’ve recently launched a new pricing program that is more flexible and affordable than ever before.   With rates starting as low as $59 per month, we’ve created property management solutions that fit every budget.

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