Rental Property And Roomates

High rents and low income are driving roommates together. According to the Census Bureau, the United States has hit a twenty year low in home ownership. The rate hit a surprising 64% by the end of 2014 which is a 1.2% drop from 2013, down from 65.2%. During 2014’s fourth economic quarter, the rental vacancy…

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Winter Rental Property Maintenance Is Needed Even In Phoenix

Winter rental property maintenance

A Few Handy Tips Is winter maintenance need for rental properties in Phoenix? Well yes, winter rental property maintenance is needed even in Phoenix. Even though it rarely snows, some property maintenance is required to prepare for winter. Due to the occasional freezing temperatures, homeowners face a time where it is critical to take certain…

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Property Maintenance Phoenix

When you have a company professionally manage your rental properties it can be difficult to make sure that they take care of it the same way that you would. What you need is the best property maintenance Phoenix has to offer, and there is only one place that you will be able to get that.…

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