How To Handle Tenant vs Neighbor Disputes

Arizona property management servicesIf you manage your own rental properties, you know that it requires a variety of skills to be successful.  We've had many clients come to us for help when they've become overwhelmed after taking on the role of the repairman, collector, advertiser, and cleaning crew, all while trying to work their full-time job.

When disputes arise between tenants and neighbors, sometimes it's necessary to add mediator to that list of necessary skills.

It's not uncommon that tenants and neighbors will have differences, and it's great when they can work it out themselves, but what do you do as the property owner, when the disputes linger or become more serious?

Here are a few tips to help you know when and how to get involved.

First, find out if the dispute is based upon something related to the property, or related to the behavior of the participants. If the dispute involves the rental property, it can normally be resolved by taking the corrective action needed on the property.  Common examples could be related to parking areas, overgrown landscaping, or defining property boundaries.

If the tenant has demonstrated inappropriate behavior or has violated the terms outlined in the lease agreement, then as the property owner, you have an obligation to take action.  (Note: - your lease agreement should clearly outline what type of behaviors will not be tolerated.)  Examples of this could include raucous noise, late-night parties, or suspected criminal activities.

If it is the neighbor behaving inappropriately, then it might be necessary to inform the HOA, or if the behavior is in violation of the law, then you should notify the necessary authorities.

Some disputes are serious, and some are not.  Either way, it is important to listen and treat each situation with genuine concern.  Sometimes it just takes a third-party mediator to step in to help resolve simple misunderstandings.  If the health or safety of either party is at risk, you have to make sure you have taken the appropriate actions to resolve the situation.  If you do nothing, and issues escalate to the point of harassment or physical violence, then you might find yourself entangled in a messy lawsuit or worse.

Resolving these disputes can be tricky, however, the good news is that we are here to help.  Our property management team at Real Property Management Phoenix Metro can take these headaches off your plate so you have more time to spend doing the things that matter most to you.   So let us handle the disputes for you, we'll work with unhappy tenants or neighbors, and take steps to encourage good relations with all parties involved.

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