Top Cold Weather Tips For Landlords And Renters

Stay warm and safe with these top cold weather tipsThe winter season brings with it a range of challenges for rentals, and many of these could result in serious issues. Therefore, it is wise to prepare your home in advance, so that you can get through the colder months without any unwanted disasters. Here are some of the best cold weather tips for landlords and renters:

Insulation is key

It is crucial to correctly insulate your home. Assess the fundamentals, beginning with the main openings to your home such as doors and windows. Keep your windows and doors secure, by purchasing some door seals and weather stripping. Examine any exposed pipes or HVAC ducting, and check that your faucets and taps aren’t leaking.

Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Over the winter, frozen pipes can happen at the most inopportune times , however it is also a fairly simple thing to avoid. Ensure that your property is kept constantly warm, by keeping your heating at a steady comfortable temperature or think about installing a programmable thermostat. If you have exposed pipes running along exterior walls or your crawlspace you may consider wrapping them with heat tape by a professional plumber. This reduces the likelihood that your water pipes will burst or freeze.

Have Your Roof Inspected

The roof is one part of the house that tends to suffer the most, once the cold and wet weather arrives. Having your roof inspected is a cost effective way of putting your mind at rest over Christmas. Also, it enables you to discover any harm caused by debris, animals or the elements. Bear in mind that prioritizing the most vital areas will go a long way towards preventing future problems.

Get Your Gutters Cleared

Prior to the onset of winter, clearing your gutters out is a vital task. This will get rid of any debris that has accumulated over the previous twelve months. Dirt and leaves can block your gutters, and this may cause clogging that allows water to enter your home.

Stop drafts by using beading, sealant or newspapers to fill any holes in door or window casings. Keep the door of your attic partially open, so that warmth can enter the roof space. Close your curtains during the evenings, to stop warmth from escaping. If your loft holds a water tank, use insulation to cover it to stop the water from freezing. Cold weather can harm property, however you can protect what’s yours and prevent problems by observing these top cold weather tips.