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How To Get Your Property Rent Ready

If you are thinking about renting your property, our professional property managers have compiled a few simple steps that can help you get your home in rent-ready condition!  When we say “rent-ready”, we mean that the property is clean, safe, repaired and that it is ready to show and/or to rent to a qualified tenant.…

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How To Handle Tenant vs Neighbor Disputes

Arizona property management services

If you manage your own rental properties, you know that it requires a variety of skills to be successful.  We’ve had many clients come to us for help when they’ve become overwhelmed after taking on the role of the repairman, collector, advertiser, and cleaning crew, all while trying to work their full-time job. When disputes…

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Rely on Our Professional Expertise For Phoenix AZ Property Management

Phoenix Arizona Property Management

Tens of thousands of property owners nationwide trust local Real Property Management offices to manage their investment properties, together, we are North America’s largest residential property management organization. Real Property Management Phoenix Metro has been serving the Phoenix area for over 12 years, and our highly-trained specialists are prepared to meet the extensive demands of…

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How Our Property Management Services Make Your Life Easier

Real Property Management Phoenix Metro manages nearly a thousand real estate assets in Phoenix with a professional, well-trained staff of property managers, maintenance personnel and accountants. Our staff works and lives right here in Phoenix, and we work hard to achieve one major goal – to help our clients spend more time on what they…

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Phoenix Property Management – What Are Renters Looking For?

property manager phoenix

What are the features renters really want? According to recent studies, the most important factors for today’s renters are: Location Safety/Security Quality/Condition Price If the property is in good condition, located in a safe area, and offered at a fair price, chances are you’re going to find a renter.  However, in the highly competitive Phoenix…

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Phoenix Market Predictions For Landlords in 2019

As part of a national franchise, Real Property Management Phoenix Metro leverages information gathered from over 280 offices in North America to review real estate market indicators and uses that data to create an economic outlook for landlords and rental property owners in the Phoenix area. In 2018, Real Property Mangement’s predictions were 95% accurate,…

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Multi Family Property Management

Savvy real estate investors know that multi-family properties don’t run themselves. In order for a multi-family building to yield the best return on investment, it has to be maintained and managed in a way that protects the tenants, property, and the owner/investors. Companies like Real Property Management Phoenix Metro have made a business out of…

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We’ve Got The Cure For The Landlord Blues

Phoenix Arizona is a fantastic place to live.   Some might argue with that statement during the current heatwave, but at least it’s a dry heat, and it is easy enough to escape it for a few months.  As for the rest of the year – it’s all beautiful weather and sunshine.    It’s not just…

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Real Property Management Phoenix Metro’s New Pricing Plans

The demand for high-quality rentals in the Phoenix area has created extraordinary real estate investment opportunities for property owners and investors. However, managing even just one rental property can be a big headache, not to mention a large portfolio with multiple properties. Property management companies offer streamlined services to handle the day to day rental…

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