Duties Of A Landlord

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At Real Property Management Phoenix Metro, we consult with, and offer our property management services, to a wide range of property investors.  We help first-time investors manage a single property, to experienced investors with dozens of properties. For new property investors in the Phoenix AZ area, acting as the landlord and handling the day to…

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How To Handle Tenant vs Neighbor Disputes

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If you manage your own rental properties, you know that it requires a variety of skills to be successful.  We’ve had many clients come to us for help when they’ve become overwhelmed after taking on the role of the repairman, collector, advertiser, and cleaning crew, all while trying to work their full-time job. When disputes…

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Rental Owner Tax Tips

Rental owner tax tips for the 2014 tax year.

The real estate market has been picking up steadily in the recent years after the market crash experienced a few years ago. While many people might have lost their homes, rental property owners were also affected severely by the crisis. In fact, many of them have been breaking even for years and it is only…

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Top Cold Weather Tips For Landlords And Renters

Stay warm and safe with these top cold weather tips

The winter season brings with it a range of challenges for rentals, and many of these could result in serious issues. Therefore, it is wise to prepare your home in advance, so that you can get through the colder months without any unwanted disasters. Here are some of the best cold weather tips for landlords…

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