Renting Instead Of Selling

We decided on renting instead of sellingDear Real Property Management,

I thought I’d write about my house selling experience which in the end turned out to be a house renting instead of selling experience in hopes that might help others like me out there who could use some help.

Six months ago I took a new job in Utah working for the same company as my brother. While it was an opportunity to progress on my career path as well as work on some side projects with him, there remained the task of getting my home sold. My wife and I agreed that she would stay in Phoenix with the kids until we got the house sold. During the week I’d work and stay w/my brother and then I’d commute back home for the weekend to be with my family.

We got our home listed with a realtor and everything seemed to be on track with our plan at first. During the week I’d get calls from my wife about real estate agents making appointments to show our home to potential buyers. We were hopeful but weeks turned into months as occasional offers would be made that were either too low or contingent upon financing that people were never able to secure with their lender.

After about four months of this, both my wife and I were tired of being married yet alone in different states. One weekend we had a conversation that changed our plan to sell. It was a conversation that started the same as it had over many previous weekend visits, but this time it ended differently. My wife expressed her frustration of going it alone with the kids and not being able to sell our beautiful home. In an exasperated moment I blurted out , “Fine let’s stop trying to sell the house and rent it out!”

The thought had briefly crossed my mind already but I’d ignored it over the anticipated stress of becoming a landlord and that the huge responsibility I perceived would accompany it. In the end that conversation, which came with a new ending, soon would end up changing everything for the better. That’s where Real Property Management came in. Being like the rest of America, I turned to Google to answer my question of where to start. I looked up property management companies and reviews about them. My criteria were I needed somebody with a good reputation and track record that wasn’t just a mom and pop shop flying by the seat of their pants.

Doing my research I realized you guys were a nationwide company with good reviews so I came to see you. Meeting with you I realized you were local experts with the tools to make being a landlord easy for me. In fact it changed my perspective on my unsold home from being a liability I was trying to get away from to an asset that could add to our family’s income. I finally decided to pull the trigger when I learned that Phoenix has an extremely low rental vacancy rate.

I share all this detail with you because I know people might relate with my situation. Within a week of putting our home on the rental market, we had six different families wanting to move in. Real Property Management helped us with all the lease paperwork and my wife and I are both happy to say our family was back together within a month close to my new job in Utah. I just have to say thank you and put out the idea for others, if you can’t sell your home then rent it! It is easier than you think.


Forrest Clarke