Renting Instead Of Selling

We decided on renting instead of selling

Dear Real Property Management, I thought I’d write about my house selling experience which in the end turned out to be a house renting instead of selling experience in hopes that might help others like me out there who could use some help. Six months ago I took a new job in Utah working for…

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How Property Management Companies Deal With Bad Tenants

After spending money to buy or build rental properties, most investors hope to enjoy the fruits of their investments for the long term. However, unruly tenants can turn this dream into a nightmare. For example, you may have tenants who refuse to pay rent on time, fail to reasonably clean or maintain the property, or…

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Property Management Companies in Phoenix

Property management companies in Phoenix, AZ are in very high demand. Phoenix is a city of over two million, and people come from near and far every year, looking for a place to rent. Whether you own a condo, or a single-family home, if you want to rent your property, you will benefit greatly from…

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