How To Pick The Right Tenant

Phoenix property managementNo landlord wants to deal with late payments and destructive tenants. To prevent future issues, you need to carefully screen each person that will be renting from you. You can do this yourself or hire a property management company to take over.  Real Property Management Phoenix Metro, has decades of experience uses proven methods to help select the best possible tenants for your property.

Background checks.
Checking criminal history is a good idea, but is something that not all landlords do. You should be able to get this information fairly easily, but it’s important to know what the laws are in your state regarding your rights as a landlord.

Income verification / Employment History.
Yes, it is a no brainier, however just asking someone to provide proof of work isn’t always enough to determine if they will be able to pay rent on a long term basis. Have they had multiple employers in a short period of time?  Is the type of work that they do something that could remain stable even in an turbulent economy?

Check references.
Don’t just look to see if references are included on the application, take the time to call them. Have some questions to ask, such as how long the tenant rented from the person or worked for them. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you want to have the person around.

Past insurance claims.
Renter’s insurance is something you should insist on, and ask if the potential tenant has had any past insurance claims.

Rental History.
You can also improve your chances of getting a good tenant by always checking to see how many rent payments were late or missed.

While it might not be fun to say no to a potential tenant, it is often necessary. You want to be sure than anyone you rent to is going to be easy to deal with and pay on time. It’s often easiest to hire a property management company, particularly if you rent out more than one property. The peace of mind that comes from letting pros screen potential tenants is well worth the investment.

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