Easy Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Rental Property

Property Managers in PhoenixSometimes, the vacancy rates in the Phoenix area rates increase, and finding good renters can become more competitive.  Here are some simple ideas to increase the curb appeal of your property.  We have seen that even small improvements can attract new renters, and put your property at the top of their list.

Enhancing Curb Appeal
It does not matter whether it is a normal home, or a larger complex of properties, the 1st impression a prospective renter or buyer gets, once they drive past (or up to) a residence can make a massive impact.  Your renters should feel that you are very proud of your properties.

  • Add flowers – pansies, primroses and geraniums will give a welcoming and warm appearance to an older house or building.
  • Trimming the trees and bushes surrounding the property.
  • Even small landscaping improvements can work wonders.
  • Paint touch-ups especially around the front door, porch,  or main entrance.
  • Replace the front door mat
  • Rather than spending loads of cash on painting the complex or house, try using a pressure washer to see if this will be sufficient to brighten it up.
  • Remove any debris or unappealing objects around the property that convey the wrong image.
  • Substitute warped or damaged window screens and check that the windows are clean.
  • Play areas, patio furniture, shutters and awnings should appear clean, well maintained and tidily arranged.
  • It might be worth spending the cash to replace poorly insulated doors and windows.
  • Replace or clean worn or stained carpets.
  • A simple air freshener close to the entrance can work wonders for a good first impression.

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