Investing In A Single Family Residence

If you are considering purchasing an investment property in the Phoenix area, single-family homes are a great option.   Single-family homes are in high demand and have a higher rate of attracting and keeping long-term residents.  They also appreciate in value over time.   If you are in the market for an investment property, here are some…

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Ethics In Property Management

Ethics in property management are important, to avoid the kinds of issues that landlords in Arizona have experienced over recent years. In recent years several real estate investors have been conned out of their rental income by disreputable property managers. Over twenty property managers and estate agents have received state indictments, been instructed to cease…

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Protect Against Tenant Lawsuits

protect yourself against tenant lawsuits

Renting out a spare room to a tenant can be a great way of helping to meet your mortgage repayments. But what if your new tenant turns out to be somebody like Marion Berntsen who loves dragging Wisconsin and Illinois landlords and their families through court if they try to evict her? Her case makes…

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