Top 5 Upgrades For Your Rental Property

Designer with a color paletteIncreasing your revenue can be very simple. With the right upgrades to your Phoenix or Scottsdale area property, you instantly boost the value of the space. This makes it easier to find tenants, as well as keep them.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Do Wonders.
A simple coat of paint can take an ordinary room from worn and dingy to sparkling and new. Stick to neutral colors that will go with any furniture that the tenants might have for the best results. Paint can be one of the cheapest ways to spruce up a property.  Painting the exterior is another good way to go, or you can simply power wash if you have vinyl siding. This removes the dirt and moss that tends to grow and can give the place a whole new look.

Lots Of Storage Space Is A Common Request
One of the more common complaints in rental homes is that there is not enough space for putting things. Closets, built-in bookshelves and even a storage shed out back can drastically increase the value of the home. Renters will be more likely to say yes when they see that they can put everything away and you are less likely to find piles of junk when they move out.

Modern Kitchen Appliances Can Put Your Rental Ahead Of The Competition.
If the appliances in your rental have been around for a few decades, it might be time for an upgrade. New appliances are more energy efficient, and give the kitchen that professional look that anyone who loves to cook will appreciate.

Nothing Turns Away A Potential Tenant Faster Than Worn Out Flooring.
When a potential tenant sees grimy worn out carpet, it is an instant turn off.  Laminate hardwood flooring is extremely durable, looks fantastic, and is easy to clean.   Alternatively, replace worn out or stained carpet with new carpet. It can give a home a fresh look, and that new home smell.

New Siding Can Make An Old Home Look Brand New.
Remodeler magazine rated fiber cement siding as the home improvement upgrade that yields the highest ROI of all other upgrades.  Fiber cement siding not only transforms a home and makes it look brand new, but it is more energy efficient, and offers high levels of fire, rot, and insect resistance.  Fiber cement siding is also recommended because it required very little maintenance.

Each of these upgrades will add value to the property, and when potential tenants see these upgrades, your property will be at the top of their list.