Don’t Settle For Second Best – Choose RPM Phoenix Metro

best-arizona-property-management-company-2012Experienced rental property owners don’t just hand over their investments to any property management company.  They are paying for a result, and expect reliable, trustworthy and experienced rental property managers. Real Property Management Phoenix Metro is the top rated property management company in Arizona.  We offer professional and comprehensive property management services that will maximize your profits, and minimize your headaches.

We have over twenty years in the property management business. This has given us great insight into the rental industry. It takes skill and experience to properly manage rental portfolios. Real Property Management is a nationwide leader for property management services.  Thousands of property owners all over the nation have put their trust in us because we consistently deliver what our clients and tenants want and need.

Don’t let an empty rental property put a drain on your resources.  We have created unique marketing plans that fill vacant homes fast. Do we vet the tenants thoroughly? Yes. We realize the value of a rigorous screening process. What happens if the tenants fail to pay the rent on time? We are employed to manage your rental home so we are responsible for collecting the rent. In addition to this we assure you that we will disburse your rental payments on time. Tenant security deposits? No problem. The deposit will be collected and held by our experience letting team.

All tenants are expected to keep their rental home in good order. This is why we carry our regular external and internal property checks. Do landlords really want to drive miles to repair a leaky faucet? Our well organized property management service offers a round the clock emergency repairs service. We also deal with all running repairs as and when they crop up.

When it comes to property management in Phoenix, don’t settle for second best, contact us today for a free quote!

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